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You sir lost yourself a free pizza. I used to work at a pizza joint and every single day there would be customers trying to get free food by saying that they ordered something different from what they actually ordered, or that it was burnt when it really wasn't. A lot of times it was the same repeat offenders.

Sorry about that

If the customer was cool about it and didn't pull this type of shit all the time we'd be cool back and just give it to them. But with the repeat offenders, or with people who were dicks about it, our manager would very often tell them we could replace the item only if they gave us the wrong one back. There was one address in particular that would always order delivery, ask for the pizza to be cooked well done, and then call and complain that it was burnt.

Every fucking time. So, to make sure we weren't actually screwing up and burning pizzas AND to dissuade the customer from continuing to get two-for-one specials on the house, my boss told me to take them a replacement pie but make sure they gave me the "burnt" one back.

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They handed me back the box with a couple little scraps of crust left inside. They ate the whole thing. The next time they tried to pull that shit our manager just straight up told them no.

I live near Hounddogs and go there fairly often. I've never had a problem with their service.

Ratings and reviews

Honestly, the shitty customer service is kind of part of its charm. In fact, I always thought they did it on purpose. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

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Continue this thread. Pizzas pretty good tho. Yeah why didn't they bring back the wrong pizza? This isn't yelp. Good point. What happens when whiny 30 year olds move to clintonville? More posts from the Columbus community.

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Jul 25, Cake Day. The Liquor Control Commission, which hears and rules on cases related to the regulation of alcohol in Ohio, will then decide on possible disciplinary action based on OIU reports and testimony by permit holders. The businesses could pay fines and have their liquor licenses suspended, Ehrhart said.

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In the worst case scenario, they would lose their liquor licenses. Menu The Lantern. Getting caught drinking on the job was a sobering experience for two campus-area employees.

Budeiri said he believed the girl was in a good mood but never suspected she was intoxicated. Stewart makes no excuses for the incident.

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